Monday, December 21, 2009

Scrubs - 8 seasons gone by ---

Just to see each and every Scrubs characters leave the show one after the other in the recent Season 9 wasn't enough , now in Season 9 - Episode 5 : "Our Mysteries" we see the Protagonist - JD (John Dorian) too leaving Scrubs, its just SAD .

OK, Sorry let me take you through what Scrubs the serial is all about,
Scrubs is nominated Golden Globe Comedy Serial, based in a Hospital called Sacred Heart, revolving around its main character and narrator JD. It usually aired in USA and only three years back used to show the Season's 3-4-5 on Star Plus (when i got introduced) , when suddenly they stopped showing the serial and i was compelled to download (no DVD available in India) and view the missed and forth coming serials - only way out.

Some of my favorite scenes:
This is the one where Mentor - Perry Cox calls out girl names to JD

Dr.Cox's 5 most top Rants - Awesome

Well This video says it all about each and every character on Scrubs, LOL!

The title says it all !!!

The biggest thingy is the theme song - "Superman" - by Lazlo Bane - which has a line called 'I cant do this all on my own ; i am no superman' -- which is most apt to the serial and all its happenings.

Scrubs is actually all fun and laughter all the time , but there is something more important every episode has , its that its got lessons and morals to teach out of, which makes one wonder even after the serial is long gone.
Like THis...

and This...

another one

Scrubs always had its Celebs to always make it interesting ; like Tara Reid, Heather Graham, Colin Farell and in thsi next video Brendon Fraser

This is Truly the best one - Where JD is thinking of having a future with Elliot

So this is what Scrubs is all about, lots of fun and then always having a pinch of lesson to learn which we can all apply in our daily life, all these characters can be associated with peopel around us.

Only despair really comes in the recent Season 9 , where all the cast is slowly vanishing one by one , with the latest to be JD and it really feels like all love and laughter has been removed from the show.

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