Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Tryst with the policemen and a gloomy tale!!

Was taking strolls yesterday night with Milind Thakkar , Akshay Sawant and Pramod Thakkar near OLPS School , when cops came to us and were enquiring what we were doing there so late (it was post 11:30 pm), we told them this is our old school , we have studied here and were just discussing those best old days. I think he bought it with little doubt in his head.

After few minutes when we were laeving the place , the Cop comes to us once again and tells us to be witness, we were shocked , told us that they had found a day old baby inside the church and wanted us to be witness just for records purpose. Milind came up front and gave his details.

there were two men there one of them was a priest (who found the baby) and also a ex-student of OLPS ; the other was a person who had come for prayers (who also volunteered to be a witness). The priest told us he was just leaving when a cleaner came to him with the baby which he found between two seating areas inside the church. The alarmed priest called the cops.

After Milind gave his details we thought it was done and we could go , just when the senior inspector came to us and started discussing the horror of the night, he was telling us that the baby has been sent to a nearby orphanage and is safe.

He landed up telling us even more horrifying tale of the same day at 1:00 pm , where he was called to a Hospital in Chembur to find a similar story but with a huge twist; the story goes like a girl maybe eloped in a village comes back to mumbai to her parents , is pregnant and the parents never realized this as she is plum, she goes to Hospital for a regular check-up for citing pain in stomach.

Once at the hospital she chooses to go to the bathroom and at it she delivers the baby inside the bathroom, and tries to throw it from the window; luckily for the baby it lands somewhere between water pipes; the girl does land up to go to the doctor for excessive bleeding in her stomach and the doctor also does not realize that she has given birth and suggests for a immediate operation.

As for the baby, passerby's do hear noises coming from the top floor and alert the watchman and find the ;the baby is saved by this Cop and his team and is sent to a ashram.

After through interrogation the Cops do land-up finding the girl and her parents , they have been punished for attempt on murder.

This is true tale as far as i think , and it was sad and very shocking for us and we just wondering and contemplating about what happened to i-pill ads when you need them and about protection. Just for 9 minutes of fun people ruin their 9 months and moreover a poor kid's Life.

Monday, November 16, 2009

iPhone / iPod Touch application - TweetDeck

TweetDeck another great app , its an application for twitter users to use it on the go.
its a replica of the PC TweetDeck and there is not much difference.

Its divided into 3 columns:
1. recent friend activity
2. Mentions
3. DM (Direct Messages)

and as twitter has started real time update of users pages, so TweetDeck also has the same feature.

If you are opening any tinyURl's or BitLy, the good thing is it doe snot open in safari or an external link, TweetDeck itself opens it so you are not leaving ur twitter account, which is a very good option given by tweetdeck.

Also, using TweetDeck on iPod touch seems to be much faster than using it on PC.
The best advice i can give is keep your username and password on "save" mode, and then see the difference in the speed of tweet loads, its really fast.

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