Friday, May 29, 2009

Night at the Museum (Slap game)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ford using Social Media

On their twitter pages : #FordCEO
Feel the difference - Drive One today. Account run by @ScottMonty (^SM), @JWard35 (^JW) @Akozlesk (^AK) from Ford's communications team.
Alan Hall, Ford Car Communications; Scott Monty, Ford Digital Communications
Site monitored Mon-Fri from 8 am - 5 pm EST by Shawn, Contact Ctr Marketing Specialist.
Ford is committed to affordable, sustainable products. Account run by @ScottMonty (^SM) and @CatchupLady (Kaitlyn Wilkins ^KW) from Ford's comms team
Ford Fiesta, #FiestaMovement info by Ford mktg / comms @samdelag (^SD) @scottmonty (^SM) @ahall32 (^AH) @elise_miller (^EM); add'l support from @juliaroy (^JR)
Kevin Kennedy, Brent Maurer, Dan Zacharias, Jim Brumfield and Susan Pollack. For the latest information on Ford Racing - NASCAR, NHRA and more.

Ford has also been leveraging other social media tools, like Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, to align with its ongoing efforts to show the people behind the brand

According to social media firm Vitrue, recently ranked Ford as the top social automotive brand based on its Social Media Index, which measured the amount of chatter across the blogosphere and social networks during Q1. Its Lincoln brand ranked second; GM was third.

Leading up to the New York Auto Show earlier this month, Ford announced its new Fiesta Movement program. It will provide Ford Fiestas to about 100 digital influencers who will develop content to appear on the eponymous campaign site and It held a “Tweet Up” and had staff tweet to offer Fiesta rides to anyone in the city during the show.
Team Detroit, which includes Ogilvy PR's 360o Digital Influence and ad firms, helped coordinate Fiesta Movement.

Ford plans to put 200 influencers behind the wheel of other Ford vehicles to write about their experiences. They will include 40 bloggers in the tech and green spaces for a Spring Break program.

While Ford does not have a social media AOR, it often works with Toronto-based Social Media Group.


Ford's Strategy is to wake up and use SMM at times of trouble, would love to see them do something on more daily basis!

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